*sighs*  second times a charm?

  these are 3/11 mug rugs i am making for xmas.  purple one is my youngest sisters,  hunting one is for my dad or my maybe brother in law.  and the teacup one is for my niece.  just have to do my nephews, middle sister,  mom and dad,  FIL, MIL and other MIL and SIS in law. 

  the only question i need to think of right now..  Mugs?  or no mugs?  everyone has thier mugs they like at home.  so need to do something else.  like flavored spoons to go with it.  and cookies?  or candy canes..  and hot chocolate with any of these combos will do.  Other ideas?

  oh yeah.  these are my FIRST quilting projects too!

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